A visit to the Westerham Cyclery

Having seen this excellent blog post on Facebook about the Westerham Cyclery,

Westerham Cyclery at the Green
Westerham Cyclery at the Green

and linked to it from there – I thought I should add my own pictures and very positive comments, having been hosted into hosted by their very friendly staff!img_6246 I went there to meet up with a cycling Glasgow Green Cycle Club friend, Susie Goodwin, and then to ride one of the climbs back over the North Downs.

The cake options, with second piece of bread pudding!

The highlight of my visit, I have to own up to, was the (two pieces of!) bread pudding, but they have all sorts of cakes and drinks, plus a well stocked bike shop, a very safe place in the courtyard to park (and lock if desired) the bike, and tables and seats in that courtyard for

My first helping of bread pudding
My first helping of bread pudding

a quiet al fresco rest.

img_6244I am based near Glasgow in Scotland, but now, added to the Spitfire café in Biggin Hill, Westerham Cyclery will be at the top of list for my next ride south of London when visiting family. The café garden is a great place to meet people and relax.

img_6336From a riding point of view, there are quite a few climbs back over the North Downs, including Chalkpit Lane which I rode on another visit. My first return was via the signposted route from Westerham to Croydon, which is a more gentle climb that anyone can manage, so go ahead and make a visit!