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A new look at Sobremunt, the hardest climb in Mallorca

This video is about the Sobremunt climb, especially near the top of the climb which is quite hard to find amongst the various agricultural estates up there – such as the Sobremunt estate itself. I added new music to it, and some more commentary and stills.

Sobremunt, bottom to top, and some exploring

Here is some mapping for the ride:

Here are some views of the profile of the Sobremunt climb, from GCN and Cycle Fiesta:

I have also added the Strava analysis for the climb segment (with the embarrassingly slow time!) from the Ma1041 junction to the top of the Strava segment (not actually the top of the climb, but where I met Niels & Peter (in the video).

And finally, just the route for the climb, some landmarks, and start of the descent:-

The climb from the Ma1041, and the start of the descent past La Posada de Marquès
The climb from the Ma1041, and the start of the descent past La Posada de Marquès

3 replies on “A new look at Sobremunt, the hardest climb in Mallorca”

Thanks for the reminder Brian, a mate and I came across this climb by chance in April 2019 on a loop from Magaluf through Esporles, then the Ma-10, Porte des Canonge, Banyalbufar, through to Port d’Andratx and Magaluf.
one of the best rides I’ve done!

That’s a good loop, Stan! I’m based in Costa de la Calma when I’m there, and so I ride a lot in the western parts, although when I’m joining others it’s more at the better-known (thanks to Sky!) north-eastern parts, Port Pollensa, Formentor, Sa Calobra etc. Lots of good loops over that way too. Always great cafés to go to; Sa Ruta Verda is a favourite but I go up to Galilea as often as I can. The 6Points I mentioned is a great way to do a loop of Mallorca over 3 days and I covered the May 2019 one in the blog as well as Ibiza and Formentera. I came across Sobremunt on GCN, so going there was something aimed for on that trip. Next time I must go up from the Esporles side. I hope we stay in touch and might meet out there at some point!

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